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Newly Launched, "Myanmar Food & Travel"

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
January 1, 2015
Together with our highly motivated staff, the newly launched “Myanmar Food and Travel Web Portal” is committed to transmit the most up to date information about Myanmar to the world.

The best time of the season in Myanmar referred as “dry season” (the most comfortable weather of the year in Myanmar) is just around the corner.
This also means that the seasonal travel for people in Myanmar is about to be started. There are many ways to enjoy and accommodate this season such as trips by air to the neighboring countries like Thailand or Singapore and the short trips within the country by buses, trains or cars are also very popular.

At the same time, there are many visitors expected from all over the world using their Christmas holidays visiting Myanmar. It is one of the exciting and busy time of the year for people I Myanmar.

For any occasion, reason, purpose or etc., please let “Myanmar Food and Travel Web Portal” to be the source of information network to experience the best of Myanmar!

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