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Wonders of Myanmar - A Letter from Aunty Mohana -

posted: October 13, 2015

There are many interesting and beautiful places around Pyin U Lwin. It is not necessarily a place that many people go to or know about. However they are unique and very beautiful and I am sure will be of interest.

The Anisakan Fall (Dattawgyaik)
Anisakan Falls

This very spectacular fall is near the Anisakhan Village, about 9km south of Pyin U Lwin and halfway between Mandalay and Pyin U Lwin. The waterfall is one of the highest in Myanmar, and one of the most beautiful. It is also very suitable for hiking in the forest nearby.
The waterfall is nearly 122m high with a depth of about 91m. The trail to the fall is steep and it takes about 45 minutest from the trailhead to the bottom of the falls and climbing back to the top is about 90 minutes.
It is truly a pleasure, stepping down among the calm expanse of green mountain ranges in the cool climate. The waterfall has three levels and the view of the lowest level becomes increasingly delightful as you head up.
The sound of falling water and the touch of the cool water will sweep away your tiredness.
The waterfalls are up there with some of the world’s greatest hidden treasures. The access however is quite precarious and requires a lot of determination and commitment notwithstanding the fact that you will need a pair of stout boots, a hearty constitution and a head for heights!

Three Falls
Anisakan Falls 2 (1)

There are three separate falls in Anisakan, a trio of cascades united as one to stun all with their beauty. Reaching this secluded haven involves a descent through nearby trees. This is an invigorating adventure all its own and takes around 45 minutes.
There are no chair lifts or miniature railway, and it is a steep climb on foot stone by stone and branch-by-branch. But once you arrive the sight is spectacular and really worthwhile the effort.
You can enjoy the beauty of Anisakhan without the crowds that you will see if you go to similar falls in Niagara or Yosemite.
The pool beneath Anisakan is almost as deep as the falls are tall—a lagoon-like 91 meters to be precise.
It is useful to know that there are no warning signs or guides and you take a chance if you want to go for a dip. There are plenty of shallows and the views from the water are spectacular. The Falls are beautiful enough seen from the water’s edge, but for true connoisseurs of adventure, nothing beats the sight and sound of the crashing water from a gently floating vantage point.
Here you will find a subtle, almost spiritual quiet—a stillness to complement the water’s invigorating roar. When the spray rolls out from the water’s edge, it shrouds the pagoda in a mist like the breath of some proud dragon.
Finding Anisakan is well worth the effort, a tonic of inspiration that may well last a lifetime.

Peik Chin Myaung Cave (also known as Maha Nandamu Cave)

Peik Chin Myaung Cave (also known as Maha Nandamu Cave) is located on the Lashio road near Wetwun village, 12 miles east of Pyin U Lwin town and is easily accessible by car. It is a limestone cave estimated between 230 million and 310 million years old. The cave covers an area of 45 acres and is called Peik Chin Myaung as plenty of Peik Chin plants used to grow there. The interior of the cave is cold and damp because of the springs and small water falls everywhere. The life story of the Buddha leading up to his enlightenment is depicted at appropriate places around the cave, and in corners and niches, there are Buddha images and pagodas. The cave is at the entrance to the Peik Chin Myaung ravine with many beautiful springs. The entrance is about 20ft wide and 1600ft long.
During the time when the rocks in the cave were gradually forming, the place lay under seawater. It was the lime that slowly piled up over the years that formed the hillock. The cave was first developed by local Nepalese or Gakhar and in 1990 was co-opted by the Myanmar government as a tourist attraction. Inside the cave are many underground springs flowing from different directions. Many stalactites and others in the shape of chandeliers have formed as water seeped and dropped from rocks and limestone.
Some pilgrims take this water in bottles because they believe that water seeping from the walls can cure skin-diseases and eye ailments. The cave is one of the most interesting sites for visitors. There is a waterfall called three layers waterfall, which is a few minute walking distance from Peik Chin Myaung. Most of the people still don’t know this waterfall is there.

The Pwe Kauk Falls

The Pwe Kauk Falls is a very pleasant picnic spot in Pyin U Lwin where many Myanmar families come to spend the day. Pwe Kauk or B.E waterfalls is also known as Hampshire Falls in British times. It is located on the way to Lashio and not too far from Pyin U Lwin town. There are two waterfalls in Pwe Kauk where many people swim or play in the shallow waters. There is a market besides waterfalls where local products such as wines, strawberry jams, fruits and flowers can be purchased. Pwe Kauk is well known for its natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. A one-hour hike from the falls there is the natural caves of U Naung Gu where several Buddha’s are enshrined.


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