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The Beauty of Lovely Tanintharyi Island

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
May 26, 2015

The natural beauty of Tanintharyi region, having the length 1414 mile of coastline in Myanmar, a place where is lied in many amazing islands with variety of forms untouched by mankind is one of the famous place not only for people in Myanmar but also well known in the world.

Having the healthy and natural environment surrounded by the floating islands along the coast between the Kaw Thaung District and Myeik District, This beautiful place is loved by many foreign tourists. Next to the city of Yangon, one of the most development divisions accounting for Myanmar tourism industry is Tanintharyi Island because of the abundant nature that Tanintharyi Island offers. There are terrestrial species, many types of aquatic species, the smooth, and clean and broaden banks of sea, seaweeds, coral reefs under water and tropical evergreen forests of isles.
Visitors may find it is discover the existence of a rare tribe called Sea Gypsies (Monken or Salone). This tribe only inhabits some island of Kawthaung district.

The numbers of International visitors are significantly increasing year by year group by group for many reasons such as yachting, cruise vacation, canoeing or kayaking in the tidal mangrove forest, studying and making a record bird species, relaxing on a beach, scuba-diving to watch marine animals, natural seaweeds and coral reefs under the sea around the areas of the islands belong to Kawthaung. There are islands such as Lampi Island, Makyone Glate Island, Nyaung Wee Island, War Kyunn Island, Ko Phawt island, Myauk Ni ( Red Monkey) Island, Kha Yin Gwa(the Fork Island, Jalan Island, Zadegyi Island, Pu Law Gar Kyan Island.

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