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Myanmar’s road and infrastructure situation

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
February 5, 2015

Undiscovered land and roads.

The total land area of Myanmar is the second largest within ASEAN countries next to Indonesia; however the main part of the land is covered by the mountain range.
Despite of the convenience of highway between Yangon (the second capital city in Myanmar) and Mandalay through Ney Phi Taw, the road and infrastructure are very poor and need to be improved.
Because of the mountain range between Thailand and China, sometimes the traffic can be very hard to get through by trucks. It is also a concern for a security issue due to the constraint of particular tribes overpowering the region.

If you are visiting Yangon and go around the city, you may not encounter many issue with the poor road condition.
However you may notice that there are many potholes that are dangerous.
In the meantime, it must be mentioned that the paved roads are rare as 11.9 % (current 2012) and many local and visitors are very much inconvenience.

The issue regarding the depth of the harbor facility especially in Yangon.

Even though the improvement has been recognized as 200.000 Ton Container ships are allowed to go by there are still detailed qualification to port in and out.
Thilawa Special Economic Zone is able to ship up to 20,000. However they must be reloaded to the smaller based ships going to Singapore and Thailand.
We are anticipating to develop with the southern part of Myanmar, Dawel Special Economic Zone.

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