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Rising number of foreign tourists influences the more luxury hotels in Myeik

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
April 24, 2015
As Myeik region in Tanintharyi Division is a coastal region; and there are many beautiful and natural sceneries such as coral reefs and floating islands with ranges of mountains and sea sceneries.
Also the region’s unique customs, traditional festivals and the ancient cities are other fascinating reasons attracting the visitors.

The number of visitors arriving to Myeik from Thailand was 6340 in 2013 and 8625 in 2014.
Also 2421 of foreign tourists from other countries (excluding Thailand) visited Myeik.
This trend has been boosting up the hotel businesses in Myeik especially in the Luxury and high end hotels.
For an example, the fifth luxury hotel of Myeik, White House Hotel, had expansion and renovation done in December 2014.

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