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Traditional Burmese Food

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
January 1, 2015
There are well known Burmese dishes in Myanmar such as “Hin” (Braised meat or fish), Mohinger or Khauk swe (noodle dishes). Burmese food may be perceived as spicy food because of the influence from Thai and Indian foods; however they are not particularly spicy or sour but they rather have strong taste.

One of the traditional Burmese food, “Hin”.

In this article, one of the traditional and tasteful Burmese food called “Hin” will be introduced. Meats or fish are braised in a large quantity of oil and served with Burmese staple food, rice. Typically this dish is cooked as home meal or served in the local restaurants. Sometimes this dish is referred to as Burmese curry; but it is quite different from Indian or Thai curry that contains lots of spices. 
The main ingredients are Pork, Beef, Mutton, Chicken, (especially Internal organs), seafood or beans; and they are cooked with lots of oil.
Because of a large quantity of oil being used, tourists who are not used to with this type of food may have upset stomach. In this case, it may be recommended to watch the quantity of consumption. 

“Hin” also means side dishes. Typically, a large quantity of oil is used in order to prevent the food to be spoiled. It is similar to Indonesian food, rice with many side dishes.

There are many local Burmese restaurants in Yangon. A customer can choose from already made variety of “Hin” to be served on rice.
It is recommended to eat out with a group of people in order to share variety of “Hin” to enjoy. (Many restaurants serve rice, vegetables and soup with “Hin” as free of charge.)

Unlike in the past, there are a variety of restaurants not only the local food restaurants but also Western food restaurants, Chinese food restaurants and many others in Yangon today. But trying the local restaurants serving “Hin” among local people is one of the must to do in Myanmar.

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