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Enjoy and experience tasteful foods and restaurants in Myanmar

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
January 1, 2015
Multiethnic country Myanmar offers a variety of traditional and ethnic foods. In addition, with the influence of foreign visitors, there are lists of diverse food and restaurants offered in Myanmar in recent years.
There are more trendy, high-end or multicultural restaurants and cafes offered attracting foreign visitors, tourists, businessmen and others.
Chinese, Thai, India, Japanese, Western or European foods including steak, pizza or cakes, there are more selections than ever to choose from.

Burmese foods

The rice is the main diet for people in Myanmar. Always use lots of oil in order to prevent the spoiling of food.
Typical dish is called “Hinh”. This curry dish goes so well with rice. Among the variety of noodle dishes, “Mohinger” ( noodles cooked with other ingredients) is one of the soul food for people in Myanmar.

Typical restaurants and food stands in Myanmar offer already prepared food/dishes on the counter. It is rather simple to order by just pointing food to purchase.
Some restaurants in the tourist area may offer service in English. Once a customer is seated, he or she may notice some rice or vegetables that you did not order on the table.
These are extra servings for later.
People use spoons and forks just like other Southeast countries.

Portable food stalls/stands

There are variety of dishes and items mainly deep fried seafood, meats, donuts and etc.
There are also sweets and fruits sold in the portable food stands.

Once you arrive to Myanmar, it is highly recommended to try variety of tasteful Burmese foods, Ethnic foods, diverse foods and etc.

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