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written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
January 1, 2015
In the city center of Yangon, there are 4 star plus hotels facilitated with Restaurants and Cafés just like the ones in Thai, Singapore or Malaysia.
Those hotels are suitable to arrange a meeting with clients, trendy place to have lunch with friends or clients and many more purposes.
Wi-Fi network is also available in most of these hotels for the convenience of guests. Variety of sweets and beverages are very appealing as well.

There are no well known coffee shops such as Starbucks or Mac Café in Yangon yet; however, there are some coffee stands inside the foreign supermarket serving coffee mainly imported from Italy.
Currently more and more European and Western influences are experienced in Yangon such as Sports Bars (with Soccer game on TV), Fish and chips restaurants, Pizza and Pasta restaurants and etc.
Significantly increased number of foreign population has been seen quite often especially in the entertainment street of Yangon.
Fast-foods industry is expected to develop (especially the foreign fast-foods chain restaurants) soon in Yangon.
The well known fast-foods restaurant, Lotteria from Korea, has started its trend in Yangon in the year of 2013. The company plans to expand the number of chain stores up to 30 by year of 2016. Despite of high price ( value set is priced triple of “Mohingar”, Burmese soul food) the restaurants are always busy with customers.

It is apparent that the trend of Food industry in Myanmar is changing so quickly and has become more international and diverse.

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