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Popular Myanmar Food - Noodles

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
January 1, 2015
Burmese people typically enjoy various types of noodle dishes as daily food including as breakfast, snack and dinner.
The most popular and traditional noodle dishes are “Mohinga” and “Kaukswe”.

“Mohinga” and “Kaukswe” are introduced here.

In Yangon or any other cities in Myanmar, you can easily find that people enjoying those on street, at outside noodle stores or carts for serving noodle. Those street noodle stores are located wherever many people gather such as around temple, market and so on.

Despite of some are made of flour, typically speaking the noodles are made of rice in Myanmar such as “Mohinga”. Myanmar produces rice and it is the main product of the country.

In Myanmar, these noodles are usually served in the street stands and portable noodle carts for the convenience. However the quality control and hygiene may be a concern for tourists who are not custom to this type of service. For those who are concerned, it may be wise to be more conservative rather than challenging.

On the other hand , for those who are more adventurous, this is the way to explore and to taste the real Myanmar. The dishes are not expensive, very quick, easy to order by just pointing out with toppings commonly vegetable, boiled egg, fried minced fish and etc.

It is one of the “must” local dish to try once you arrive to Myanmar! Enjoy!!!!

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