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The Burmese Restaurants

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
May 16, 2015

Typically any dish a customer order will be served with several side dishes such as bowl of rice, soup, fresh vegetables and others.

Usually the base of the soup is made of Ngapi, fermented fish or shrimp into the broth with salty taste. There are variety of soups with lots of roots vegetable, green leaves, peas and etc. as part of ingredients. Sometimes Chinese style soup with vermicelli noodle is served as well.
The colorfully garnished fresh vegetables such as baby cucumbers, eggplants, carrots and many others are served with a main dish.

Depending on the restaurant the number of the side dishes offered will vary. (Some restaurants offer 1 or 2 dishes others offer 10 dishes.)

It will become a quite feast if a few people get together and order different dishes to share like curry, meat, vegetable, salads and etc.
Of course each restaurant has its own taste and flavor.

It is also fun trying different restaurants to find your preference!

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