• Events and Festival
    Myanmar is recognized as one of the countries in the world where there are many festivals and events throughout the year. Each festival has its own meaning, tradition and characteristics. The cerebration respecting the deep spiritual meaning is the fundamental aspect which commonly reflected on each festival. Each festival also said to be implying the natura...

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  • Information of Myanmar
    Republic of the Union of Myanmar, also called Burma until the year of 1989, is located in the western portion of mainland Southeast Asia. This spectacular country has so much to offer to the foreign tourists, visitors and to the world. Because of its location, Myanmar has been impacted with the strong influences from Chinese and Indian civilizations. 90% of&...

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    Myanmar has three typical distinct season as “Cool”, “Hot” and “Wet” seasons. However the effects of the monsoon vary in different regions of the country.

    “Cool” Season is October-February with the temperature of typically 25-30C. This is the most favorite time to visit Myanmar. “Hot” season is March-May with average temperatures of 30-35C. And “Wet” season is June-September with average temperatures of 25-30C.

    The tropical monsoon is usually cloudy, rainy with humidity; however in the winter, the tropical monsoon creates scant rainfall, mild temperatures with less humidity.

    Myanmar’s population is estimated to be over 60 million with approximately 135 national races such as Kachin, kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. Also there are more than 100 ethnic groups such as Akha, Palaung, Padaung, Naga, Taron, Eng and many more close to extinct tribes. Because of its different topographical feature many of the ethnic tribes had become exclusive from the mainland Myanmar attracting many tourists to see these beautiful minorities living in the hidden and spiritual area. The main language spoken is Myanmar, however the minority ethnic groups have their own languages and English is also widely spoken as well.

    63,670,000 (as of 2013)

    Ethnic groups
    68% Burmese
    9% Shan
    7% Karen
    4% Rakhine
    3% Chinese
    2% Indian
    2% Mon
    5% other

    The uniqueness of Myanmar located between two vast countries such as China and India has been influencing the development of Myanmar for many years. However it must not be forgotten the Myanmar has also developed its own exclusive tradition and culture without any influence of others. Since the declaration of independence after the war during 1962-1988, Myanmar had closed the country from the rest of world to protect the country by inhibiting outside influences. Evidently, this policy of seclusion had impacted country’s economy and development in the worst ways for many years; however, this policy had given an opportunity for the county of Myanmar to develop becoming exclusive country with many treasured traits and culture without influence of other countries in the expense of nations’ many years of hardship.

    Myanmar has widely known as the country of Buddhism and its culture has strongly influenced by it. However it has said that the religion called “Nat” has existed even earlier than Buddhism. There are other religions such as Christian, Muslims and Hindus peacefully co-existed in Myanmar with approximately 135 different tribes. This is believed to be one of the reasons for the country’s continued diversity with exclusive traits and spiritual culture.

    There are many festivals all year around. During April 13-16 every year, the most famous festival called “Thingyan Water Festibal” is held and enjoyed by many local people and tourists.

    The entertainment such as “Pwe” (show and performance) including popular street- level culture, slapstick comedy, dance, ensemble singing or giant puppets are greatly enjoyed and treasured by many. Especially “Marionettes” (Puppets of Myanmar) is world famous implying the inner expressions of people of Myanmar.


    January 4th, Independence Day

    February 12th, Union Day

    March 2nd, Peasants Day

    March 27th, Armed Forces Day

    May 1st, Labour Day

    July 19th, Martyrs' Day

    December 25th, Christmas Day

    Myanmar is well known as one of the most peaceful land created by the various customs and culture of people come from diversity. The main religion is considered to be Buddhism (mostly Theravada Buddhism); however Christians, Muslims and Hindus exist as well. Over 100,000 Buddhist monks live in monasteries through atrhout country. Regardless of one’s religion, the main spirit of these religions is to respect the individual’s freedom and keep peace of the county.

    Buddhists 89%
    Muslims 4%
    Christians 4%
    Others 3%

    Time Zone
    MST (UTC+06:30)

    There is a currency exchange at banks, Yangon Airport and hotels especially for exchanging from US dollars to kyat that is the national currency of Myanmar. Currently there are hardly any ATMs in Myanmar. Some places are very strict with the condition of the bills and the bin must be in excellent condition without any marks and damage in order to be exchanged.

    Kyat (K) (MMK)

    Calling Code

    Electricity is 230 V/50 Hz, for appliances from Japan or made in Japan are required to have a transformer and the special plug compatible. The specialized plug is B, B3, C Types. Please bring your own hair dryer if you are not sure as not all the hotels provide a hair dryer.


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