In Myanmar, spiritual attractions such as temples, pagodas and historical sites are well respected and appreciated. A wonderful tropical climate and manageable inexpensive transportation, these spiritual attractions are most enjoyable with a friendly and knowledgeable local tour guide.

The traditional Entertainment in Myanmar is a form of Pwe, the Burmese word for traditional entertainment that combines dance with instrumental music, song and comedy routines, in theatrical performances.
While classical Pwe may be quite formal and ritualistic , there is another form of entertainment called Anyeint (A-nyeint) which is described as light entertainment with music, slapstick comedy and playful insults to the audience. These shows are quite different from what western visitors usually experience and they are one of the must to see and experience!

Western style nightlife is almost rare to see especially outside of Yangon, where there are still a few bars and nightclubs facilitated with high-end hotels catering mainly to foreign diplomats and wealthy locals.
Beer stations and local restaurants are the most favorite for local people in Myanmar for an obvious reason. The beer stations have a tendency to attract predominantly male clientele with entertainments such as “fashion show” or “karaoke”.

After all, the country of Myanmar is gracefully perceived as the quiet corner of the world where a visit to a temple can represent the most stirring and spiritual activity what is available.
This country may not be a typical tourist destination to expect; however this spiritual, gracious and beautiful country has so much to offer to the world.

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