A market is usually located at the center of city, town and village in Myanmar selling mainly fresh produce, local specialties, souvenirs, clothes and etc.

A market is one of a popular spot for tourists to visit especially Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon for its size and specialty items being sold from all round Myanmar. Bargaining is a part of fun shopping in Bogyoke Aung San Market. As much as bargained prices are attractive, it is recommended to ask for a receipt due some items may require a receipt for export permits. There are over 2000 shops in Bogyoke Aung San Market attracting many tourists with a wide selection of many local specialties such as crafts, paintings, traditional wooden dolls, tailor made clothes, gorgeous jewellery and etc.
This overwhelming Market is one of must “visit” and “experience” spot in Myanmar.

Other city, Mandalay, is known as the cultural capital of the county and it proudly offers traditional handcrafts of Myanmar.

Due to the political sanction in the past, major international brands have been still largely absent in Myanmar. However duty-free shops and department stores in Yangon are still able to offer a wide selections of foreign and local items. The price is relatively expensive.

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