Welcome to Yangon, the most iconic destination of Myanmar with gracious and respectable history, amazing sights and beautiful local people.

Yangon offers mixed culture of old tradition with charm and vibrant modern night life.
Yangon was founded in 1755 by King Alaungpaya on the site of a small settlement called “Dagon”. Yangon is the commercial capital and main gateway to Myanmar.

Another name for Yangon is “The Garden City of the East” or “End of Strife” because of its beautiful nature surrounding the city for every visitors to appreciate.

Although capital city has moved to Naypyidaw in 2005 Yangon still remains the cultural and commercial heart of Myanmar for many local people and tourists.
Buildings and sites in Yangon overwhelmingly reflect the city’s history of ethnic and religious diversity.

The diversity that makes Yangon very different and reflecting from the rest is food which are balanced of cuisines that has native influence as well as the taste and tradition of other neighbor countries such as Thailand, China and India.

The famous market called Bogyoke Aung San is well known with a wide selection of many local specialties such as crafts, paintings, traditional wooden dolls, tailor made clothes, gorgeous jewellery and etc. This overwhelming market is one of must “visit” ad “experience” spot in Myanmar.

Yangon, the main commercial capital of Myanmar and the most active city of the county with full of local features such as evergreen tropical trees, exotic parks and lakes, beautiful colonial buildings and etc.

This respectably fascinating and interesting city of Myanmar, Yangon, is one of the fascinating but preserved place for the world to appreciate.

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History of Yangon

From the small fishing village named Dagon to the current city that you see in Yangon, there are so much history to share and experience.
The country’s overwhelming rich history includes invasion of British troops, Japanese occupation, the fight for the country’s independence and so on. Despite of the hardship and suffering that the country has gone through due to the war and earthquakes there are still many places and historical buildings to learn and admire in today’s Yangon.

How to get around

  • Parks & Gardens

    Looking for tranquility? As much as Kandawgyi Park and People’s Park are fascinating and popular there are other 58 parks and gardens in Yangon to enjoy without hassling. Here is the list of some hidden getaway spots that you may enjoy.


  • Royal White Elephant Garden

    In Myanmar, “The white elephant” has been always respected as the symbol of peace and prosperity of the country and preserved and protected by the Royalty. Currently, three white e...

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  • People’s Park

    The most largest park in Yangon, People’s Park, is located a...

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  • National Museum

    This is the biggest museum in Myanmar which was built in 1952. The main feature of this museum is “Lion Throne” located in the 1st floor. This is one the eight thrones that were ma...

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  • Yangon Zoological Garden

    This zoo was built in 1906 with spacious 60 acre land. There is sightseeing boats on the pond to enjoy. The kind and number of animals are rather fewer as 130 kinds; however, the f...

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  • Bogyoke Aung San Museum

    This Museum was built on the house of the late Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council, General Aung San who was one of the most influential person involving the Independence of B...

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  • Shwedagon Pagoda

    One of the most popular site seen spot in Myanmar. On the wa...

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  • Bogyoke Aung San Market

    The market from colonial period. This most famous and large ...

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