Traveler’s Report 2

SIM Report-2: How to get and set up “MTP” SIM

February 28, 2015

Currently there are 3 SIM cards providers in Myanmar. SIM cards are sold with an affordable price and easily available even for the tourists.

We bought a SIM card last January 2015 to try out. Here is a feedback and my experience using MPT SIM card.

Getting a MPT SIM card at Yangon International Airport.

We bought a MPT SIM card at Yangon International Airport this time. There is a MTP Mobile branch at Yangon International Airport. Please refer to the picture above. The MTP Mobile branch counter is near the “tourist information counter” after the arrival gates.

- a SIM cards
Price of a SIM card: 1,500 Kyats (accepts USD)
Topup card: 5,000 Kyats / 10,000 Kyats
Place to get: Arrival lobby in Yangon International Airport
Setup fee: Free of charge at the counter however there are additional fees in order to complete the activation
Call charge: 35Kyats/min
Internet charge: 2Kyats/min(GSM)、4Kyats/min(3G)
Note: verification of your passport is necessary to purchase a SIM card.

Getting a MPT SIM card outside the Yangon International Airport.

It is also possible to purchase a MPT SIM card in downtown Yangon. There are several locations such as a MPT mobile central branch located at Yangon central post office and a branch near Sakura Tower for example. You can also buy a MTP SIM card from some retail shops and street booths for selling mobile phones. However the price is higher at these locations.

Setting up the SIM card and the fee.

Please refer to the below information for the MPT SIM card Package.
It is possible to use as Nano-SIM card.


A sales associate at the counter is available to help you with the initial setup. There are other fees that you must pay such as ( Activation fee= 10000, the least topup amount=5000) to start using a MPT SIM card.
You may be able to complete this procedure yourself by send messages as follows:

To: 1331
Text: Orderdata service
After the activation you will get the message and your mobile phone is available to use.

[set APN] APN: mptnet
User: mptnet
Password: 0000
MPT mobile has just started to provide a flat-rate data communication service as of January 2015.
The data plans are 400MB/30days for 5,000 Kyats and 1GB/30days for 10,000 Kyats.

Note: Updated in January 2015.
Written by Myanmar Food & Travel Editorial Department

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