Traveler’s Report 3

SIM Report-3: How to get and set up “Ooredoo” SIM

April 3, 2015

As I have mentioned in the last report, currently there are 3 Mobile carrier companies provide SIM cards in Myanmar such as MPT, Telenor and Ooredoo.

I have purchased both MTP and Ooredoo to try out and made a report on MPT SIM card in the last report. This time I will make a report on Ooredoo SIM card as a comparison.


Where to find Ooredoo SIM cards in the Yangon International Airport?

I found MPT shop and Telenor shop counters right outside the Arrival Lobby in the Yangon International Airport.
However Ooredoo SIM is sold only at the “Tourist Information Counter” shown below. There is a MPT counter as well next to the “Tourist Information Counter”.
The counter staff was kind and explaining how the setup system works and prices.


- a SIM cards
Price per SIM card: 5,000 Kyats (accepts USD)
Top up card: 5,000 Kyats/ 10,000 Kyats
Location sold: At the Tourist Information Counter in Yangon International Airport Arrival Lobby
Setup fee: free (The counter staff will setup)
Call charge: 25 Kyats/min
Internet charge: 10 Kyats
Setup fee: the counter staff set up for free (Initial setup only)
Call charge: 25 Kyats/min
Internet charge: 10 Kyats/MB

Upon purchasing a SIM card, the shop/counter staff will setup the initial settings.
No need to present passport or any other types of IDs.
The initial setting takes approximately 10-15 min then call and internet service will be activated shortly.

Where to find a MPT SIM cards besides Yangon International Airport?

There are some stores and shops in Yangon central station, shopping malls in downtown Yangon.
I found many mobile stores and electric appliances stores selling SIM cards and Top up card in downtown.
There are branch stores in the Yangon central station and some shopping malls.


I found a lot of mobile stores or electric stores selling the SIM cards and Top up cards.
The price is more economical as about 1,500 Kyats comparing to the price in the airport.
However it is very noticeable that Ooredoo SIM cards are not popular as MPT or Telenor in Yangon.
Except for the airport, Ooredoo Top up cards are still obtainable at the cost of 3,000/5,000/10,000 Kyats especially in downtown.

Setting up the SIM card and the fee

An Ooredoo SIM card is provided as combination of a Nano-SIM and a normal SIM card.
The activation process is same as the MPT SIM and as soon as the initial setting is done the call service and internet service is immediately activated.
There are convenient 6 types of flat-rate data service plan with Ooredoo.
[Flat-rate Data Plan] 50MB/1day 390 Kyats
500MB/30days 3,900 Kyats
1GB/30days 6,900 Kyats
2GB/30days 12,900 Kyats
5GB/30days 29,900 Kyats
10GB/30days 55,900 Kyats

For ordering theses data plans, you have to top-up required amount of fee trough SMS. And send SMS to “2238” and enter the amount of data plan that you have selected in text.
For an example, if I choose (1GB/30days) plan send SMS to “2238” entering “1GB” in text.

For more information, please refer to
APN setting is shown below. APN is “internet” and keep “user” and “password” empty.

[Set APN] APN: internet
User: - (no input)
Password: - (no input)

I must say when I strolled around the city of Yangon I found many advertisements for Ooredoo trying to expand its share.

Note: Updated in January 2015.
Written by Myanmar Food & Travel Editorial Department

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