Traveler’s Report 4

SIM Report-4; Usability and Availability of Mobile Phone

April 21, 2015
I found the accessibility of the mobile service is still rather poor in current Myanmar; however I must say that the convenience for tourists to access the mobile service is rather improving.

It is more affordable and easily obtainable even for short-term stay tourists in Yangon city. The price of SIM cards are lower as 1/10th -1/20th from it used to be. However this partially causes the slowing down of the Internet speed due to the sudden increase of users.

Get SIM card at the Airport or downtown Yangon.

For tourists, one of the most convenient place to get SIM card is “Yangon International Airport”.
You can get any SIM card from 3 mobile carriers right after arriving in Myanmar and start to use mobile phone right away.
The counters for selling mobile SIM cards are easy to find even for the first time visitor to Myanmar.
The Ooredoo SIM cards are sold in Tourist Information Counter in Yangon Airport and the price is little more expensive than purchasing in downtown Yangon.
MPT and Telenor SIM cards are almost same price or sometimes MPT’s SIM is less expensive than to purchase in downtown.
To buy SIM cards in Yangon downtown, a lot of shops selling SIM and mobile are found around the Sule Paya or Shangri-la Hotel.

Actual usability of mobile phone in Yangon.

Data download/upload speed were not reliable and it was hard to use the internet or check e-mail even when I was in the downtown. Despite of the area being covered by 3 major carriers the disruption of the service in Internet was quite apparent in Yangon city.

Yangon downtown


Out of Yangon downtown (Yangon International Airport)


Unfortunately I have to mention that the Internet and Mobile phones in Myanmar still have obstacles towards more smooth internet connection. The data speed is more stable in early morning time or a short distance away from the overcrowded place.

MPT is the most popular among the local people.

It seems to that the MPT cards provide the best service in Myanmar so far.
Therefore the price for MPT SIM cards are little more expensive than others to compensate the convenience.
However I must say with my experience that I did not find much difference in between MPT and Ooredoo SIM cards.
This time I did not have a chance to use Telenor SIM cards and I will try to report the experience using Telenor SIM cards in next report.

Note: Updated in January 2015.
Written by Myanmar Food & Travel Editorial Department

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