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Mobile SIM for Tourist in Myanmar

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
January 1, 2015
Infrastructure in Myanmar was poorly facilitated in the past; however the situation has been greatly improved and still improving especially in the urban area in the recent years.

Despite of the low penetration rate of Phones and Mobile phone usage in Myanmar compared to other ASEAN countries the situation has started to improve significantly over the last several years.
Until a couple years ago, the price of SIM card for Mobile phone was very expensive and unaffordable for many consumers. However the cost of SIM card now has gone down drastically and conveniently available to purchase.

Currently the low priced SIM cards are provided by 3 major companies, MPT (Myanmar Post & Telecommunications), Ooredoo and Telenor.
These SIM cards are priced approximately 5000 kyat which is almost 1/40-50 of the price in comparison from 2 years ago.
Because of this trend and price improvement, it is also easier and convenient for tourists to purchase SIM cards and to use own Mobile phones while they are staying in Myanmar.

The SIM cards are sold in Mobile shops in downtown Yangon and Yangon International Airport. If there is any technical problem setting up the SIM card the shop staff is available to help at the shop counter.

Other information regarding SIM cards such as data speed, setup, usage range and etc. will be updated continuously in this site page.

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