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Walk Around in Yangon Down Town

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
January 1, 2015
Approximately 40 minutes from Yangon International Airport by taxi, you will arrive to downtown Yangon.

The main street in downtown is called Bogyoke Aung San Road which lies East, West and Central. The railway station and the popular tourist’s attraction ( Bogyoke Aung San Market) are located on this street. Several prestigious hotels (4 stars and 3 stars) hotels, business center and high-end restaurants are also located in this area.

Because of the country’s geographical location there are many Indian and Chinese population living in Yangon and also there are Indian Town and China Town found in Yangon as well.

In the south of downtown facing Yangon River, Strand Road lies along the river. This area was developed in the colonial era under British influence. This is why there are many British architectural styled buildings still exist in the area. Today many of these buildings are used for Government offices, Government services or hotels.

As you walk around downtown Yangon, you will find a leafy park with tower-shaped monument and golden pagoda. This beautiful park is called Sule Pagoda and Mahabandoola Garden and also it is a special landmark of downtown. The park is enjoyed by many local people as well as the tourists.

Downtown Yangon is quite wide as approximately 3 km east to west and 2 km north to south. Despite of organized and orderly street layout in downtown it is still little complicated for tourists to get used to as the heavier traffic reflecting the rapid economic and population growth.

However with the extra attention and care going around downtown Yangon is very safe and fascinating.
Explore the beautiful and exciting Yangon!

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