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Nightlife and Entertainment in Yangon

written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
March 26, 2015

Until the recent (a few years back), the night life in Myanmar was not exciting as today as there were hardly any bars, night clubs and discos. If there were any, the only bars facilitated within the hotel were the only recognized places. This came from the conservative cultural aspect of people in Myanmar as Buddhists without the custom to drink alcohol or going to the night clubs and discos. However this typical night life tradition has been changed and over ridden by new generation as there are more and more expensive bars, clubs, discos and etc. in Myanmar today. However it is important to note that the due to the government restriction, only the discrete advertisements are permitted in Myanmar such as in the Internet advertisement.
One other place that the local people very enjoy is Beer Garden. This is a typical place that you can have a glass of Burmese beer and watch show.
In Yangon, there are one more place where you will enjoy is 19th street with many various local restaurants.


The Burmese BBQ, appetizers, Burmese Beers, Whiskeys ad etc., there are many foreign visitors having good time in this part of the city. Also the clubs and discos located in Thein Gyi Zai Bazaar are another attraction for the visitors.


Currently, there are more places to enjoy in Yangon other than traditional clubs and eating places. Contrary to the past recent years, it is evident that the more of entertainments have been available such as Karaoke, Massage and Spa and etc. attracting more customers. According to this trend, the life style of people in Myanmar has changed and modified to more sustainable to accept the enjoyment of entertainments with family and friends. The movie theaters, People’s Park, Korean Sauna and etc., the entertainment business in Myanmar has definitely been changing.

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