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written by: Myanmar Food and Travel Editorial Department
June 20, 2015

Burmese traditional clothing “Longyi”

If you are visiting Myanmar at the first time, you will be surprised to see not only the women but also many men wearing skirt like “loincloth” in everyday life. It is one of the way to survive in the heat throughout the year. This longyi is worn various places such as work, school, home and etc. Generally the cottons are used for making longyi for economical reason; however some are made of expensive material as silk. And of course, the silk made longyi is quite expensive. The price starts from 1,500 kyat. It is made very simple as about 1m x 2m of cloth are sewed as in tube. However the way to tie this loincloth is tricky for many foreigners. Apparently it takes practice to wear it without falling off just like wearing Kimono (Japanese traditional clothing). The designs of longyi are traditionally dark colored with plaid for men and more colorful like flowers are for women. The designs may vary depending upon its ethnicity. There is a strict custom for Burmese women to wear longyi to visit a pagoda. Why don’t you try wearing longyi to feel the beautiful culture of Myanmar?

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