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Ms. Mohana R Gill is one of the renowned culinary author who was born in Myanmar where used to be called Burma. She has earned a Bachelor degree from the University of Rangoon and an MBA from the University of Toronto. She was one of the staff at the University of Rangoon until the Military took over the Government in 1963. Since then she has left the country to Malaysia.

Ms. Mohana Gill became the lecturer in Economics at the University of Malaysia in 1965 for many years. After retiring from teaching, Ms. Mohana has been traveling all over the world based in Australia, India and the United States to explore and grace the kitchens of many people with her expertise of cooking. Until this day, she is widely referred as the “Traveling Gourmet” inspiring many people.

Ms. Mohana has a strong passion for cooking and creating new recipes. She mixes the old and the new traditions introducing original recipes and her own inventive recipes for over four decades. Her abundant experience, knowledge and passion for “food” and “health and wellness” have led to the two important publications. “Fruitastic” was the memorable first book that Ms. Mohana has published followed by “Vegemania”. Both books attracted many readers and a critical acclaim.

After that, Ms. Mohana’s book called “Myanmar: Cuisine, Culture and Customs” won the “Best Asian Cuisine from Asian Books” award in 2014. In this book, Ms. Mohana shares the special recipes from the places where she visited and the Burmese soul food that she had grown up with. Ms. Mohana is passionate toward the country of Myanmar where she had spent her younger days; and it is her dream to share the beauty of people, culture, landscape, food and her personal experience in Myanmar with the people in the world. Upon publishing the books, Ms. Mohana has traveled back to the places where she had grown up and meeting the people whom she used to know. She also wrote books for children called “Hayley’s Fruitastic garden” and “Hayley’s Vegemania land” as her additional vision. Both books are written for inviting children to the wonder of fruits and vegetables at early age to get familiar with.

Ms. Mohana is one of the successful renowned author and inventor of recipes proudly represents the country of Myanmar.